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Visual Studio 2008: Unable to use Browse feature in Analysis Service Project


I am using AdventureWorks, the downloadable sample database application that I can open directly using Visual Studio (Adventure Works.sln). My question applies to both the standard and enterprise editions.
When I click on the browser (see first figure below), I consistently get the same error message: "A connection could not be made. Ensure that the Server is running." (see 3rd figure below).
I did a bit of reconnaissance on this problem, and I checked the SQL Server Configuration Manager (see 4th figure below) to insure that the Browser in activated. The only thing not activated is the SQL Server Integration Services, but I believe that is for a prior version. "SQL Server Integration Services 10" is working, which coincides to SQL Server 2008, which I'm running.
I've run out of ideas. Please help.
Thanks, ~Peter Ferber

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