Hi there, I'm using SQL Server 2014 Developer Edition and AW2014 I could not run this scripts on AW2014 I'm getting error Database and server triggers on DDL statements DROP and CREATE are not su...

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Data source

I've a question about this database sample. Is it an auto-generated data or a real data?

Id #21726 | Release: None | Updated: Feb 19 at 9:11 AM by aNoOoSe | Created: Feb 19 at 9:10 AM by aNoOoSe session state method CanRetry does not retry on snapshot conflicts

In the CanRetry method the following if block should not have a exclamation point. if (!IsFatalSqlException(ex)) { return false; } We think it should be the following if (IsFatalSqlException(...

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Missing contact and individual tables

On the page about the XML datatype the example code mentions a schema collection Sales.IndividualSurveySchemaCollection that does not exist in any of the AdventureWorks databases (2008,2012,2014). ...

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Adventure Works 2008 mdf

Hey Guys, I'm looking for the adventure works mdf which contains the table Would anyone be able to assist as to where I can obtain it.

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Issues with AdventureWorks 2012

Hi, I am trying to the SSRS tutorial "Create a Basic Table Report" and I had to setup the AdventureWorks2012 database, I have SQL 2012 Enterprise Edition. I downloaded the full backup zip of Adven...

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I am getting an error message installing AdventureWorks

Hello all, I am very new to SQL and in an attempt to learn it I am planning to use the tutorial on MS pages. They recommend I install Adventureworks. So how do I do this? Instrcutions are non-ex...

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Wrong StateProvinces

The following query against the adventure works 2014 database reveals, that the german city "München" seems to be located in 4 different states (Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Saarland and the city-s...

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smproj type AdventureWorks Tabular Model samle cannot not be opened neither VS 2010 nor 2012

Hi, I downloaded the zip file, AdventureWorks Tabular Model SQL Server 2012, unblocked it as indicated in the instructions, the project can not be opened in VS 2010 nor 2012, I get the an error ind...

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SELECT Sales.Customer

Hi! I'm no expert in sql but can someone explain to me why do I get different CustomerID list with these two queries: 1 SELECT TOP 1000 [CustomerID] ,[PersonID] ,[StoreID] ,[Terr...

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