AdventureWorks 2008 Data Warehouse: The Table Design in Visio file is not consistent with the real DB



  1. SQL Server Katmai
  2. SQL Samples
  3. Visio

Repro Steps:

  1. Open ‘<SampleRoot>\ Tools\Samples\AdventureWorks 2008 Data Warehouse\ AdventureWorksDW.vsd’ via Visio
  2. Select Tables and Columns in DB ‘AdventureWorksDW2008’:
    select name,object_id from sys.tables
    select c.object_id,c.column_id,c.name,t.name as typename, c.max_length, c.is_nullable, c.is_identity,c.is_filestream
    from sys.columns c
    left join sys.types t on t.user_type_id=c.user_type_id
    where c.object_id in (select object_id from sys.tables)
  3. Compare the Tables and Columns at 1st and 2nd.


The Tables and Columns in Visio should be consistent with the ones in real DB

Actual Result:

The Tables and Columns in Visio are not consistent with the ones in real DB.
[Visio]Table not exists: DimProduct
[Visio]Table not exists: FactCallCenter
[Visio]Table not exists: FactSalesQuota
[Visio]Column not exists: DimSalesReason-SalesReasonReasonType
[Visio]Column not exists: FactResellerSales-EmployeeKey
[RealDB]Column not exists: DimSalesTerritory-GeographyKey
[RealDB]Column not exists: DimSalesReason-SalesReasonType