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missing relationship in AdventureWorks2012


hello all
i'm trying to generate my entity model from the database AdventureWorks2012 using the "ADO.NET Entity Data Model" Wizard

I choose to create all the entities ... and at the end of the execution of the wizard i have the following error
Erreur 6 La table « AdventureWorks2012.Production.Document » est référencée par une relation, mais elle est introuvable. D:\Projets\RapidDesign1\Servers\RapidDesign1.Persistence\NewFolder1\Model1.edmx 0 1 RapidDesign1.Persistence

in english

Error 6 The table « AdventureWorks2012.Production.Document » is referenced by a missing relationship. path\Model1.edmx

comapring the schema of AdventureWorks2012 and the target shema of AdventureWorks2008, indeed the relationship between the Table Person and Document is missing,

this would be the problem ? how to overpass it or to fix it ?