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AdventureWorks2008R2_SR1.exe will NOT install the OLTP DB correctly under Windows XP Pro


IMPORTANT: I have Windows XP Pro SP3. I installed the OLTB DB fine at home under Vista Ultimate and the same SQL config (2008 R2), with FILESTREAM enabled and FULL TEXT installed etc....
BEFORE YOU RUN INSTALLER: You MUST (unless I missed something in the documentation) use SQL Configuration Manager, click on 'SQL Server Services', select the instance on the right that you're trying to log into (e.g.: MSSQLSERVER), right-click, Properties, change 'Log On as: Built-in Account' to 'Local System', and click 'OK' and wait for it to restart the service under the new account. Run the Installer. Then, as long as you leave your logon as 'Local System' you can play around with the OLTP DB all day long. PLEASE KEEP READING BELOW THOUGH.
Unfortunately, from what I experienced you must stay as 'Local System' to use the OLTP DB. If you switch back it will show up in the Object explorer in SSMS, but you will not be able to use it. Go figure! Probably something about Windows XP Pro that doesn't support OLTP. It works fine on my Vista Ultimate machine at home.
Dear Microsoft: Will there be a fix for this in the future or this because I'm using a watered down version of Windows?


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