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Foreign Key Error in AdventureWorksLT for SQL Azure


Telerik published a sample for reporting against Azure databases using Entity Data Model. I loaded the AdventureWorksLT database to SQLAzure using the provided script (buildawltaz.cmd) but the table relationships among Product, ProductCategory, and ProductModel were not created, which I verified through SQL Server Mgmt Studio (2008 R2). I created the Foreign Keys by scripting the relevant Keys in my local AdventureWorksLT and then applying the scripts to the SQL Azure version. Creating the Product_ProductModel foreign key failed a check process, because there is one ProductModelID (101) which is not in the ProductModel table - I fixed that record, and the FK constraint executed correctly.
I suspect that the installer fails to install the foreign keys because the check of the constraint fails and kills that particular process. I did not pay attention to the output of the installer to confirm this.