Outlook Contacts Sync SQL Server – Iteration 1 Prerequisites

  • Visual Studio 2010 SP1
  • Outlook 2012

How to install AdventureWorksLT2012_SyncSample database

The AdventureWorksLT2012_SyncSample database can be installed using the CREATE DATABASE statement or by attaching the database.

To install AdventureWorksLT2012_SyncSample database

  1. Download OutlookSyncSQL.zip .

  2. From the License Agreement, click I Agree.

  3. From File Download, click Save and browse to a location on your desktop.

  4. Unzip OutlookSyncSQL.zip and copy \Database\AdventureWorksLT2012_SyncSample_Data.mdf to a folder.

  5. From SQL Server Management Studio, execute the following code:

    CREATE DATABASE AdventureWorks2012 ON (FILENAME = '{drive}:\{file path}\AdventureWorksLT2012_SyncSample_Data.mdf’) FOR ATTACH_REBUILD_LOG;

    As an alternative to step 4, you can attach the database using the SQL Server Management Studio user interface. For more detailed information, see Attach a Database (SQL Server Management Studio) .


    You must remove the log file from the list of files to attach. This will cause the operation to rebuild the log.

How to compile Iteration 1

Outlook Contacts Sync SQL Server – Iteration 1 includes a set of unit tests. The unit tests demonstrate

  • How to use relevant Outlook properties and methods with SQL Server.
  • How to perform CRUD operations against a modified version of AdventureWorksLT2012.

To run the unit tests, you will need to compile the OutlookSyncSQLAddin project before the MyDataTestProject (unit test) project.

Example Unit Test


How to run Iteration 1

To run iteration 1, open OutlookSyncSQL.sln in Visual Studio 2010 and run the sample.

Note The sample source project will install the OutlookSyncSQLAddin Outlook 2010 add-in.


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