AdventureWorksDW 2008 Details
The following changes have been made in the design of AdventureWorksDW2008:
  • The DimTime table has been renamed DimDate since the table actually contains dates rather than times.
  • The key has been changed to DateKey and it is now an integer in the form YYYYMMDD rather than a surrogate key.
  • The new date datatype is used in the DimDate table.
  • Some columns such as CalendarYear in the DimDate table have been change to int from char(4) since the data in those columns is numeric.
  • Some columns such as CalendarYear have changed to NOT NULL from NULL in order to improve query performance.
For specific information about these changes a relational schema diagram, a Transact-SQL script and the CSV data files necessary to build the database are included in the AdventureWorks2008Scripts.msi installer located in The Sample Databases at CodePlex project.
AdventureWorksDW 2008 Installation
To install AdventureWorksDW2008 perform the following steps:

1. Download and invoke the appropriate installer from The Sample Databases at CodePlex. The appropriate installer will have “2008” in the name and the name will match the machine architecture of the machine on which you will be installing the samples. For example AdventureWorksDW2008.msi will work on x86 machines, and AdventureWorksDW2008_x64.msi will work on x64 machines.

2. Follow the directions on the installer screens.

3. A backup of the database and any schema diagrams will be installed by default into the systemdrive:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Samples where systemdrive represents the disk drive letter of the disk where you installed windows.

4. Use to restore the database or use a Transact-SQL command similar to the following in SQLCMD or SSMS (where systemdrive is replaced with the appropriate drive letter):
FROM DISK = 'systemdrive:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Samples\AdventureWorksDW2008.bak';

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